Chevrolet Keys

The original factory installed anti theft system used on GM passenger cars beginning in 1986 is known as VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System), also got a new name, Passkey (Personalized Automobile Security System). Both names refer to the same system. The name change was made strictly for marking reasons.

This revolutionary system was the first factory standard electronic anti theft system ever offered on production vehicles. The system was so successful that when it was first installed on the 1986 Chevrolet Corvette, withing 3 years, Corvette thefts had dropped by over 50%. With results like that, it is not surprising that in 1989 General Motors began expanding VATS to other vehicles. By 1993 model year, over 50% of the cars produced by General Motors were equipped with VATS.



Model and Years with single sided style key

Le Sabre                1992–1999
Park Avenue          1991–1996
Reatta                    1990–1991
Riviera                   1990–1993
Regal                     1994–1997
Road Master         1994–1996

Model and Years with double sided style key

Century                   1997–2005
Riviera                    1995–1999
Regal                      1997–2005



Model and Years with single sided style key

Allante                  1987–1993
Brougham             1993–1996
Concours             1990–1999
De Ville                 1990–1999
El Dorado             1989–2002
Fleetwood            1993–1996
Seville                   1989–1997



Model and Years with single sided style key

Camaro,Z28       1989–2002
Caprice               1995–1996
Corvette              1986–1996
Impala                 1995–1996
Lumina                1994–2000
Monte Carlo        1994–1999

Model and Years with double sided style key

Corvette              1997–2004



The heart of the VATS system is a resistor pellet embedded in the shank of the ignition key. Each VATS key will have one of fifteen different resistor values. When the VATS key is inserted into the ignition switch, the resistor pellet is positioned between a pair of contacts located inside the ignition lock. Each time the lock is turned to the ON position, the VATS control module routes an electric current through the resistor pellet and determines the value of the resistor.If the value of the resistor  pellet in the key matches the value stored in the computer’s memory, the computer allows the car to start.

If the value on the resistor pellet does not match the value stored in memory, the car will not start, and a timer will prevent the car from starting, even with the correct key, until a predetermined penalty period has elapsed.


VATS Resistor Value (Ohms)

  • # 1 VATS Key Resistor Value 0.402 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P1
  • # 2 VATS Key Resistor Value 0.523 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P2/B82P2
  • # 3 VATS Key Resistor Value 0.681 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P3/B82P3
  • # 4 VATS Key Resistor Value 0.887 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P4/B82P4
  • # 5 VATS Key Resistor Value 1.130 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P5/B82P5
  • # 6 VATS Key Resistor Value 1.470 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P6/B82P6
  • # 7 VATS Key Resistor Value 1.870 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P7/B82P7
  • # 8 VATS Key Resistor Value 2.370 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P8/B82P8
  • # 9 VATS Key Resistor Value 3.010 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P9/B82P9
  • # 10VATS Key Resistor Value 3.740 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P10/B82P10
  • # 11 VATS Key Resistor Value 4.750 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P11/B82P11
  • # 12 VATS Key Resistor Value 6.040 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P12/B82P12
  • # 13 VATS Key Resistor Value 7.500 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P13/B82P13
  • # 14 VATS Key Resistor Value 9.530 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P14/B82P14
  • # 15 VATS Key Resistor Value 11.801 Ohms Key Blank Number B62P15/B82P15



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